Vuegaland Kingmaker Campaign

The Tygland Reverie

The nation stands strong after it’s first conflict. It has at last spanned far enough for it’s holdings to make Tygland a legitimate kingdom and the member settlements and townships into fully-fledged baronies. Although Valshuir has opted to indeed take the title of King, and the unwitting moniker by some as the ‘Fey King’ it has meant little effective change in the way the nation is run.

Once the reparations of Tatzlford, the former city of Drelev, and the rebuilding of Tradesmeet was in good order Valshuir hid himself away for a week, meeting with key delegates from the Merchant’s Guild as well as a few local socialites and artisans. The next few weeks would see great canvasses thrown in the crook of the roads just north of Stagholme. As the canvasses rose into a forest of tents and kiosks it was announced that there would be a great, four-day carnival. The Tygland Reverie, as Valshuir so coined, would kick off the day after the coronation, which itself would be a great nation-wide day of feast, drinking, and dancing culminating in an outdoor ball where any and all could attend to enjoy themselves and observe as Maeya and Valshuir donned their titles to one another and honored each council member individually for their contribution and the people for their hard work and sacrifice.

The feasting wouldn’t cease the day of the coronation, of course. There would be open roasts and local gourmands and rustics alike could man their own kiosks and stands to share or sell their meals as they saw fit. The carnival’s grand pavilion would be host to several events each day; in the mornings a gauntlet of fabric walls would be erected… manned by costumed ‘monsters’ with padded obstacles to overcome and traps to evade… Beware the last stretch! Those swinging guillotines may be made from cloth but they have weight enough to send a grown man tumbling! Valshuir would be awaiting at the end for those who could complete the mock gauntlet, awarding the first 1225 whom could complete it with a self-made coin-sized electrum collectible Tygland Crest… handed out by the Eladrin himself, of course, from a secure bag of holding he kept close on his person. The king would keep a keen eye to not re-reward those who already received a collectible once before.

The afternoons it would be opened for performers and entertainers to vie for the attention and adoration of the people of the nation… any acts requiring beasts or dangerous implements or effects of any sort would have to apply for their own tent with a budget of guards for both the safety of the performers and their audience!

And in the night the pavilion would have a stage complete with painted backdrops and the most able actors in the land. It would recreate an abridged tale of the founding of the nation… the strayed druid that became the namesake of Ursa’s Fall, the felling of the tatzlworms, and the siege against the staglord… a cameo from the Free Companion’s own warlock in their clumsy first encounter in Candlemere. Easily the most exciting highlights were the skirmish with the great owlbear and the defeat of Vordakai and his eldritch minions. The play would close with the (discreet) outmaneuvering of the haughty Emissary sent by King Nolesky by the ‘common-blooded’ party… fittingly named the ‘Heads of the Hydra’. While there was still more to be told Valshuir gave fleeting promises of a play to continue the story when the reverie made it’s return!

Duke Drelev falls... but what's next?

After a fierce, bloody battle, Duke Hannis Drelev of the Drelev Demesne has surrendered to the Tygland adventurers. Just like that, the group struck at the enemy’s heart in a quick and precise manner, avoiding the bloody slog that would come with a full-fledged campaign.

Still, this might not be the end just yet. The Duke’s wife, Duchess Pavetta Stroon-Drelev and her brother, the wizard Imeckus Stroon, have both been allowed to flee. More pressing than that, though, is the matter of the Drelev army. Even now fifty rush to save their Duke, with many more sure to be stationed in the city and likely alarmed already. Will they fight to rescue their leader from captivity, or will that see that as a sign that the war is over? Will any fight still in the name of the Duchess, should she try to reclaim her seat in Fort Drelev?

Then there is the matter of the Drelev army, commanded by General Andred Kocheny of Issia. By all accounts, his troops are fiercely loyal to their leader. If he decides to stand down, likely they will follow. If he fights, however, this war could be far from over.

The Death of a Knight

Despite the rulers of Tygland taking great expense to raise Sir Kesten Garess from the dead after the disastrous Battle of Faelwen, the spell has failed. The priests explain the failure – the soul does not wish to return to the body, and it cannot be forced. Further inquiry reveals Kesten’s reasons. Faced with the death of many brave men and women that day, he would not accept being the only being raised. He has found a fitting, honourable end, and retires now pleased with the role he has played.

Some four weeks after Sir Garess’ death, shortly before the armies departed for Drelev, a delegation from House Garess arrived in the Tygland. At great personal expense they paid for the finest stonework to create a fitting tomb for their kinsman. From what little could be gleaned from them, Kesten was once cast out for some misdeed – now, apparently, at last forgiven. His tombstone reads as follows,

“Here lies Sir Kesten Garess, fallen on the field of honour in the year 4712.

Steel strong, blade true."
Further news from Tygland and beyond

As the fifth anniversary of the founding of Tygland nears, the nation is growing quickly, its economy booming and the population increasing quickly. Throughout the River Kingdoms and beyond, those seeking opportunity in a land unburdened by centuries-old power structures depart for the new nation in the Stolen lands, bringing their wealth, skills and often problems with them.

  • The Candlemere Academy of the Arcane Arts is, in many ways, a highly unusual institution. Although there are tales of similar establishments far, far to the south and west, in the River Kingdoms and surrounding lands education typically takes a more personal touch. A young man, or woman, wishing to study magic or more mundane topics would usually be contracted as an apprentice to a more experienced member of their profession. In the case of nobles, some or all of the children would have a host of private tutors tackling different skillsets, from history to fencing. The idea of an established school, teaching not only the arcana but also various skills and scholarly topics, is a new one in the region.
  • Although at first sign ups were slow, the offer of free education for the talented drew some to the new academy. Recently, however, the school has seen a sharp increase in the number of new arrivals, following the news that Savel Voran, son of General Cabol Voran, the absolute dictator of the insulat nation of Touvette, has been enrolled there. By now, the teachers at the establishment are somewhat swarmed, with near a hundred pupils already in the Academy and more coming every day.
  • The leaders of Faelwen and, of course, Loy Rezbin of Tatzlford, have petitioned the Council, urging further expansion in the Narlmarches. Right now, they explain, their cities stand on the very edge of untamed wilderness, suffering many hardships and deaths because of it.
  • The Gunsmiths Guild of Tygland has been fully established in Silverstep. The Alkenstar engineers proved themselves quite able and organised, quickly establishing a top-light command structure and recruiting promising new members from amongst the population of their new homeland. Although the Merchants’ Guild initially loudly protested against the ‘tyrannical’ requirement to have all traders in firearms licensed by the Gunsmiths, they have changed their tune as the Gunworks of Silverstep provided them with firearms of unparallelled quality to trade with Tygland’s neighbours. Although orders so far went to private buyers or small units of elite units or nobles’ guards, the nations of Gralton and Sevenarches have expressed interest in purchasing large qualities of the weapons to equip their armies.
  • To the south, the lizardmen of Chieftain Arash-Drazzat have expanded the borders of their territory. No longer at the mercy of harsh winters and food shortages thanks to the trade with the rest of Tygland, these scaled tribesmen have flourished in the recent years.
  • Kyonin and Razmiran were hot topics at this year’s Outlaw Council. The major nations of the River Kingdoms have reaffirmed their support for Sevenarches and Tymon respectively, pledging to stand as one in case of foreign invasion. Beyond that, the Council’s proceedings are, as always, confidential.
  • The Rushlight Tournament of Pitax has been a resounding success this year. Held every year since King Irovetti took throne, the tournament is easily Castruccio’s most popular edict. Hosting a variety of competitions, from archery and jousts to song and poetry, as well as a variety of entertainment and trade displays, each year Rushlight becomes the centre of attention of not just Pitax, but every nation in the River Kingdoms. In fact, even the nation of Brevoy and the merchants of Druma make an appearance. Although not nearly on the same scale as an invitation to the Outlaw Council, being asked to attend the tournament is understood to be something of a mark of recognition that one’s nation is here to stay.
  • Silverstep is growing quickly, and no wonder why. The wealth of the nearby iron and crystal mines, as well as the abundance of fish in Lake Silverstep, have been the source of great wealth in the town. Unlike Trademeet, which makes most of its money through trade, the new city prospers through the hard labours of its ordinary workers. As a result, Silverstep has quickly become Tygland’s city with the highest paying jobs for the common folk.
  • Representatives of Kyonin made a surprise visit to Tygland, name the city of Faelwen. While there they spoke of their desire of peace in the region and close ties with the new nation, and left Maeya with a host of gifts of great elven craftsmanship, including wonderful ceremonial armour – not battle-worthy, but rather the sort of thing the elves of ancient times would wear to victory parades or other official events. Although Faelwen has a large percentage of elven, fey and mixed-blood population, and has met the visit with joy, those outside of Tygland’s borders wonder just why exactly is the Queen of the Elven so warm with the upstart nation, while routinely scorning more established states.
Meanwhile, in Tygland...

By now, The Duchy of Tygland is a true country of its own. No longer centered squarely around its founders, it goes on with its peculiar life even when they are gone. While recently the streets of Stagholme and the other towns are abuzz with the news of incorporation of the Barony of Varnhold into Tygland, plenty more news and rumours alike can be heard through the homes, streets, inns and courts of the realm.

- It’s said that the armies of Fort Drelev are fairly small but well equipped, consisting mostly of mercenaries and tamed beasts and even more fantastical creatures. Such forces were ideally suited to face the Tiger Lord barbarians that reside in the area, but now that the much larger army of Pitax has invaded, few think they will be able to hold their own for long. Even worse, there are rumours that the Tiger Lords fight alongside the armies of King Irovetti.

- In the south, the Swordlords or Mivon are arming once more. This time, it’s not for their famous duels for position, honour and status, but seemingly towards some outwards threat. Some say they are preparing intervene in Drelev. Others yet suggest that Mivon seeks to put down Laithoron Aernel√≥th, and fewer still think that they are preparing to defend against Pitax. Those who suggest the latter are generally mocked, however – King Irovetti is a shrewd statesman, and none in their right think he would risk going into battle against the Swordlords.

- Laithoron Aernelóth seems to be a relatively minor warlord in the lands to the south of Mivon. Within a few short years he won a few wars against bandit kings in the region, establishing a small but growing domain. Although for now the big players pay him little heed, there are those who claim the elven ruler is supported by Kyonin, and should be watched closely.

- Throughout Tygland, the two knights, Ser Kesten Garess and Ser Sirian Labeda, are more and more popular amongst the people. The two have been known to step beyond the bounds of their duty to Stagholme, organising small, well armed groups to hunt down criminals and beasts alike, and never asking a coin in compensation. Both Rostlandi, the two are said to be fast friends, and outspoken advocates for closer ties with Rosland.

- The adventuring group The Free Companions have been gaining notoriety too. Mostly Tyglanders, although by choice rather than birth, these young and spirited men and women have vanquished threats throughout the realm for over a year now. Some feared they have been vanquished when they disappeared south for over three months, but they are back, and with a triumph. The brave heroes have uncovered the plot of the Goblin King Zobgaggle the Doom of Dogs, stopping his raiders before they could start a disastrous fire in Trademeet. Then the group’s wizard, the tiefling Decimus, used fire magic to write the Goblin King’s name on a hill near his hideout – writing down of one’s name being the gravest insult known to goblinkind. Defeated, having lost much of his tribe and his left hand, Zobgaggle fled, swearing revenge. Oh, where would Tygland be without its brave heroes!

- Svetlana Leveton is said to be near exhausted these days. Having just borne her second child, Oleg’s wife is constantly pestered by a citizen’s group calling for a new settlement to be built at the site of the Temple of the Elk. This, they argue, would make it easier for the faithful to visit the ancient site. Although perhaps annoying, the people – who include many of the nation’s upstanding citizens, such as Andrei the Innkeeper – have donated enough gold to the cause to completely renovate the temple, should the Council accept their proposition.

- A group of several tradesmen and merchants, mainly from Trademeet, but also Stagholme, have been lobbying the Council in recent weeks. Their representatives argue that as their work brings so much income to the fledgling nation, they should be granted the right to a Guild Charter – and that this guild should be offered a seat on the Council. Although no threat, overt or not, has been made, Fairweth notes that several of the men behind the petition own a lot of property and debt throughout Tygland, and that their displeasure could be costly.

- Bokken, the old herbalist and alchemist who has been a feature of the Stolen Lands as long as anyone can remember, has died recently. Some claim it was a concoction gone wrong, but it’s generally accepted that the ancient man was long overdue for his rest in realms beyond. Kayla, his young apprentice, seems to have taken over the man’s practice, even conducting business from the same isolated hut as before.

The Varnhold Vanishing
Beginning of Chapter 3

The relative peace of the last year was never going to last, of course. A missive from Iamandi Aldori, a Swordlord of Restov, urged the rulers of Tygland to forgo their homes for a while longer, and travel to the Barony of Varnhold in the Nomen Heights. For weeks, there has been no words from Tygland’s fellow colony, and as the lords of Rostland find themselves unable to act because of civil strife at home, the duty of investigating the strange silence has fallen to the adventurers.

Travelling around the Tors of Levenies, the group finally reached their destination – the town of Varnhold itself. Within, they found looted homes, dead animals and a variety of scavengers… but no clue as to what happened to the citizens that once called this place home. Clearly, something foul has befallen Varnhold.
A King no more

The trade with the lizardmen in the south flourishes. For the first time in years, the scaly humanoids live through winter without the fear of starvation, their reserves of food and essential tools replenished in exchange for precious stones and rare healing plants they find in their territory.

In thanks and recognition of the Duchy’s leadership, Arash Drazzat gave up his title – no longer King of the lizardfolk, he now styles himself Chieftain and openly pays traditional tribute of jade and incense to Duke Zethame.
The Beast is slain
End of Chapter 2

Rarely have the citizens of Tygland been so grateful to have adventurers as their leaders. After a fierce battle in the bowels of the beast’s lair, the giant owlbear which brough destruction about Stagholme lies dead, and its slayers are welcomed in the town as heroes.

As the townsfolk celebrate, however, questions remain. Who was it that has slain the owlbear’s mate and cubs and fashioned it a suit of armour? How are the Fey involved? Just who has their eye on Tygland and wishes it to fail? The danger may have passed for now, but the mystery remains.
News from abroad

Multiple reports from countries beyond the borders of Tygland. How accurate those news are? Well, that is up to them hearing it to the decide. Certainly truth has been known to change as it travels over long distances.

  • At last, there is a word for the Barony of Varnhold. Apparently, the cut off in communications was to blame by a local flood, coupled with disagreements with a tribe of centaurs. Now once more travellers can move freely, and trade flows.
  • Variel’s informants in the North mostly seem to believe that things in Brevoy are heading for the worse. Tensions are increasing between the lords of Rostland and King Noleski Surtova. The southern nobles appear to believe their ruler is favouring the lords of Issia, while Surtova himself is increasingly suspicious of the Lord Mayor of Restov.
  • Grand Diplomat Eline received a response to her correspondence with Baron Drelev of the Drelev Demesne. In what the noblewoman recognises as a mark of rare consideration, the letters seems to be hand-written by the Baron himself, rather than a secretary or an advisor.

To Lady Eline Orlovsky and Lord Baron Zethane of the Tygland Barony,
Please accept my most sincere thanks at your handling of the recent incident, caused by overzealous servants of my Barony. I extend my regrets at this violation of the borders of Tygland, however noble the cause might have been. With the return of the stolen tax revenues, I am in your debt.

However, I must insist that you consider handing over the criminal responsible for the incident in the first place. This matter cannot truly be forgotten between us until the man resposible has known justice, and the widows and orphans of the men that died trying to bring him to judgement know peace.

Lord Baron Drelev, Sovereign of Fort Drelev and Its Demesne

A hero's welcome

It was a hard-won victory, with a heavy blood-price paid for the ultimate triumph against the troll warband led by Hargulka. The ancient dwarven outpost has been cleared of all threats, and the party, battered but victorious, was free to return home, heavy with loot.

Spurred by a message carried by the wind, however, they did not find the warm welcome they perhaps expected. Stagholme has been hit, dozens of citizens have been killed and several buildings have been destroyed. Akiros’ report cleared up the situation – an enraged Owlbear attacked the town in the middle of the night, intent on destroying as much as it could. It was gone before dawn, leaving an easy-to-follow trail of destruction behind it.

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