Vuegaland Kingmaker Campaign

A diplomatic incident

The nations of Baron of Tygland and the Drelev Demesne came into contact for the first time – and not as peacefully as some might have hoped for. Led by a knight named Ser Davek, a group of soldiers have intruded into Tygland’s territory, chasing a fugitive. The group was intercepted by Eline Orlovsky and a group of militiamen led by Akiros, and despite the foreign noble’s insistence that the Drelev soldiers had the right to pursue their quarry, they were stopped from leaving with the prisoner.

In the resulting skirmish two Tygland militamen, four Drelev soldiers and Ser Davek were killed, with several more wounded. The remaining invaders have been captured and, together with the freed prisoner, Ser Sirian Labeda of House Labeda, have been transported to Stagholme. The militiamen are drunk on their victory, but questions remain. What will this mean for Tygland’s relations with the Drelev Demesne? Who exactly is this rescued prisoner and why was he found with a chest filled with gold?


Beardface Beardface

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