Vuegaland Kingmaker Campaign

Duke Drelev falls... but what's next?

After a fierce, bloody battle, Duke Hannis Drelev of the Drelev Demesne has surrendered to the Tygland adventurers. Just like that, the group struck at the enemy’s heart in a quick and precise manner, avoiding the bloody slog that would come with a full-fledged campaign.

Still, this might not be the end just yet. The Duke’s wife, Duchess Pavetta Stroon-Drelev and her brother, the wizard Imeckus Stroon, have both been allowed to flee. More pressing than that, though, is the matter of the Drelev army. Even now fifty rush to save their Duke, with many more sure to be stationed in the city and likely alarmed already. Will they fight to rescue their leader from captivity, or will that see that as a sign that the war is over? Will any fight still in the name of the Duchess, should she try to reclaim her seat in Fort Drelev?

Then there is the matter of the Drelev army, commanded by General Andred Kocheny of Issia. By all accounts, his troops are fiercely loyal to their leader. If he decides to stand down, likely they will follow. If he fights, however, this war could be far from over.


Beardface Beardface

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