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Further news from Tygland and beyond

As the fifth anniversary of the founding of Tygland nears, the nation is growing quickly, its economy booming and the population increasing quickly. Throughout the River Kingdoms and beyond, those seeking opportunity in a land unburdened by centuries-old power structures depart for the new nation in the Stolen lands, bringing their wealth, skills and often problems with them.

  • The Candlemere Academy of the Arcane Arts is, in many ways, a highly unusual institution. Although there are tales of similar establishments far, far to the south and west, in the River Kingdoms and surrounding lands education typically takes a more personal touch. A young man, or woman, wishing to study magic or more mundane topics would usually be contracted as an apprentice to a more experienced member of their profession. In the case of nobles, some or all of the children would have a host of private tutors tackling different skillsets, from history to fencing. The idea of an established school, teaching not only the arcana but also various skills and scholarly topics, is a new one in the region.
  • Although at first sign ups were slow, the offer of free education for the talented drew some to the new academy. Recently, however, the school has seen a sharp increase in the number of new arrivals, following the news that Savel Voran, son of General Cabol Voran, the absolute dictator of the insulat nation of Touvette, has been enrolled there. By now, the teachers at the establishment are somewhat swarmed, with near a hundred pupils already in the Academy and more coming every day.
  • The leaders of Faelwen and, of course, Loy Rezbin of Tatzlford, have petitioned the Council, urging further expansion in the Narlmarches. Right now, they explain, their cities stand on the very edge of untamed wilderness, suffering many hardships and deaths because of it.
  • The Gunsmiths Guild of Tygland has been fully established in Silverstep. The Alkenstar engineers proved themselves quite able and organised, quickly establishing a top-light command structure and recruiting promising new members from amongst the population of their new homeland. Although the Merchants’ Guild initially loudly protested against the ‘tyrannical’ requirement to have all traders in firearms licensed by the Gunsmiths, they have changed their tune as the Gunworks of Silverstep provided them with firearms of unparallelled quality to trade with Tygland’s neighbours. Although orders so far went to private buyers or small units of elite units or nobles’ guards, the nations of Gralton and Sevenarches have expressed interest in purchasing large qualities of the weapons to equip their armies.
  • To the south, the lizardmen of Chieftain Arash-Drazzat have expanded the borders of their territory. No longer at the mercy of harsh winters and food shortages thanks to the trade with the rest of Tygland, these scaled tribesmen have flourished in the recent years.
  • Kyonin and Razmiran were hot topics at this year’s Outlaw Council. The major nations of the River Kingdoms have reaffirmed their support for Sevenarches and Tymon respectively, pledging to stand as one in case of foreign invasion. Beyond that, the Council’s proceedings are, as always, confidential.
  • The Rushlight Tournament of Pitax has been a resounding success this year. Held every year since King Irovetti took throne, the tournament is easily Castruccio’s most popular edict. Hosting a variety of competitions, from archery and jousts to song and poetry, as well as a variety of entertainment and trade displays, each year Rushlight becomes the centre of attention of not just Pitax, but every nation in the River Kingdoms. In fact, even the nation of Brevoy and the merchants of Druma make an appearance. Although not nearly on the same scale as an invitation to the Outlaw Council, being asked to attend the tournament is understood to be something of a mark of recognition that one’s nation is here to stay.
  • Silverstep is growing quickly, and no wonder why. The wealth of the nearby iron and crystal mines, as well as the abundance of fish in Lake Silverstep, have been the source of great wealth in the town. Unlike Trademeet, which makes most of its money through trade, the new city prospers through the hard labours of its ordinary workers. As a result, Silverstep has quickly become Tygland’s city with the highest paying jobs for the common folk.
  • Representatives of Kyonin made a surprise visit to Tygland, name the city of Faelwen. While there they spoke of their desire of peace in the region and close ties with the new nation, and left Maeya with a host of gifts of great elven craftsmanship, including wonderful ceremonial armour – not battle-worthy, but rather the sort of thing the elves of ancient times would wear to victory parades or other official events. Although Faelwen has a large percentage of elven, fey and mixed-blood population, and has met the visit with joy, those outside of Tygland’s borders wonder just why exactly is the Queen of the Elven so warm with the upstart nation, while routinely scorning more established states.


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