Vuegaland Kingmaker Campaign

Meanwhile, in Trademeet...

Trademeet still awaits the marketplace Mayor Bondarenko requested from the Council. It’s hard to forget the fact – Andrei endlessly messages and entreats the rulers of Tygland, remind them of Trademeet’s importance and the value of the trade going through it. Still, as it turns out, the Mayor would rather do than wait around. He may not have the funds to build the marketplace on his own, but using his own money and those donated by local entrepreneurs, he converted the stables that once belonged to the trade post into, well… bigger stables. Trademeet is now able to offer replacement or fresh horses to travellers and merchants, as well as stabling and taking care of the mounts they already have. That, combined with the sales of mounts to local folk, will make Trademeet a tidy profit, as well as making it a more attractive destination for travelling traders.


Beardface Beardface

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