Vuegaland Kingmaker Campaign

Meanwhile, in Tygland...

By now, The Duchy of Tygland is a true country of its own. No longer centered squarely around its founders, it goes on with its peculiar life even when they are gone. While recently the streets of Stagholme and the other towns are abuzz with the news of incorporation of the Barony of Varnhold into Tygland, plenty more news and rumours alike can be heard through the homes, streets, inns and courts of the realm.

- It’s said that the armies of Fort Drelev are fairly small but well equipped, consisting mostly of mercenaries and tamed beasts and even more fantastical creatures. Such forces were ideally suited to face the Tiger Lord barbarians that reside in the area, but now that the much larger army of Pitax has invaded, few think they will be able to hold their own for long. Even worse, there are rumours that the Tiger Lords fight alongside the armies of King Irovetti.

- In the south, the Swordlords or Mivon are arming once more. This time, it’s not for their famous duels for position, honour and status, but seemingly towards some outwards threat. Some say they are preparing intervene in Drelev. Others yet suggest that Mivon seeks to put down Laithoron Aernel√≥th, and fewer still think that they are preparing to defend against Pitax. Those who suggest the latter are generally mocked, however – King Irovetti is a shrewd statesman, and none in their right think he would risk going into battle against the Swordlords.

- Laithoron Aernelóth seems to be a relatively minor warlord in the lands to the south of Mivon. Within a few short years he won a few wars against bandit kings in the region, establishing a small but growing domain. Although for now the big players pay him little heed, there are those who claim the elven ruler is supported by Kyonin, and should be watched closely.

- Throughout Tygland, the two knights, Ser Kesten Garess and Ser Sirian Labeda, are more and more popular amongst the people. The two have been known to step beyond the bounds of their duty to Stagholme, organising small, well armed groups to hunt down criminals and beasts alike, and never asking a coin in compensation. Both Rostlandi, the two are said to be fast friends, and outspoken advocates for closer ties with Rosland.

- The adventuring group The Free Companions have been gaining notoriety too. Mostly Tyglanders, although by choice rather than birth, these young and spirited men and women have vanquished threats throughout the realm for over a year now. Some feared they have been vanquished when they disappeared south for over three months, but they are back, and with a triumph. The brave heroes have uncovered the plot of the Goblin King Zobgaggle the Doom of Dogs, stopping his raiders before they could start a disastrous fire in Trademeet. Then the group’s wizard, the tiefling Decimus, used fire magic to write the Goblin King’s name on a hill near his hideout – writing down of one’s name being the gravest insult known to goblinkind. Defeated, having lost much of his tribe and his left hand, Zobgaggle fled, swearing revenge. Oh, where would Tygland be without its brave heroes!

- Svetlana Leveton is said to be near exhausted these days. Having just borne her second child, Oleg’s wife is constantly pestered by a citizen’s group calling for a new settlement to be built at the site of the Temple of the Elk. This, they argue, would make it easier for the faithful to visit the ancient site. Although perhaps annoying, the people – who include many of the nation’s upstanding citizens, such as Andrei the Innkeeper – have donated enough gold to the cause to completely renovate the temple, should the Council accept their proposition.

- A group of several tradesmen and merchants, mainly from Trademeet, but also Stagholme, have been lobbying the Council in recent weeks. Their representatives argue that as their work brings so much income to the fledgling nation, they should be granted the right to a Guild Charter – and that this guild should be offered a seat on the Council. Although no threat, overt or not, has been made, Fairweth notes that several of the men behind the petition own a lot of property and debt throughout Tygland, and that their displeasure could be costly.

- Bokken, the old herbalist and alchemist who has been a feature of the Stolen Lands as long as anyone can remember, has died recently. Some claim it was a concoction gone wrong, but it’s generally accepted that the ancient man was long overdue for his rest in realms beyond. Kayla, his young apprentice, seems to have taken over the man’s practice, even conducting business from the same isolated hut as before.


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