Vuegaland Kingmaker Campaign

News from abroad

Multiple reports from countries beyond the borders of Tygland. How accurate those news are? Well, that is up to them hearing it to the decide. Certainly truth has been known to change as it travels over long distances.

  • At last, there is a word for the Barony of Varnhold. Apparently, the cut off in communications was to blame by a local flood, coupled with disagreements with a tribe of centaurs. Now once more travellers can move freely, and trade flows.
  • Variel’s informants in the North mostly seem to believe that things in Brevoy are heading for the worse. Tensions are increasing between the lords of Rostland and King Noleski Surtova. The southern nobles appear to believe their ruler is favouring the lords of Issia, while Surtova himself is increasingly suspicious of the Lord Mayor of Restov.
  • Grand Diplomat Eline received a response to her correspondence with Baron Drelev of the Drelev Demesne. In what the noblewoman recognises as a mark of rare consideration, the letters seems to be hand-written by the Baron himself, rather than a secretary or an advisor.

To Lady Eline Orlovsky and Lord Baron Zethane of the Tygland Barony,
Please accept my most sincere thanks at your handling of the recent incident, caused by overzealous servants of my Barony. I extend my regrets at this violation of the borders of Tygland, however noble the cause might have been. With the return of the stolen tax revenues, I am in your debt.

However, I must insist that you consider handing over the criminal responsible for the incident in the first place. This matter cannot truly be forgotten between us until the man resposible has known justice, and the widows and orphans of the men that died trying to bring him to judgement know peace.

Lord Baron Drelev, Sovereign of Fort Drelev and Its Demesne


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