Vuegaland Kingmaker Campaign

News from the west

It appears Tygland is not the only nation in the Stolen Lands to enjoy a measure of success. The Drelev Demesne, situated to the west, in the Slough, has been established a few months before the founding of Stagholme, and has enjoyed the benefits of a fine trade route going through its lands. However, the nation’s expeditions into local tombs have angered the Tiger Tribe barbarians, and warfare has raged on for the last few months.

A week ago, this conflict came to a sudden turn. Baron Drelev’s forces crushed the barbarians in a pitched battle outside Fort Drelev. Already there are rumours of planned punitive expeditions and attempts to annex Tiger Tribe villages into the barony. This is a major embarrassment to King Castruccio Irovetti of Pitax, who has long struggled to contain the Tiger barbarians on his borders, but lords of the River Kingdoms and Brevoy are said to be sending letters of congratulations and gift to celebrate the victory.


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