Vuegaland Kingmaker Campaign

The Death of a Knight

Despite the rulers of Tygland taking great expense to raise Sir Kesten Garess from the dead after the disastrous Battle of Faelwen, the spell has failed. The priests explain the failure – the soul does not wish to return to the body, and it cannot be forced. Further inquiry reveals Kesten’s reasons. Faced with the death of many brave men and women that day, he would not accept being the only being raised. He has found a fitting, honourable end, and retires now pleased with the role he has played.

Some four weeks after Sir Garess’ death, shortly before the armies departed for Drelev, a delegation from House Garess arrived in the Tygland. At great personal expense they paid for the finest stonework to create a fitting tomb for their kinsman. From what little could be gleaned from them, Kesten was once cast out for some misdeed – now, apparently, at last forgiven. His tombstone reads as follows,

“Here lies Sir Kesten Garess, fallen on the field of honour in the year 4712.

Steel strong, blade true."


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