Vuegaland Kingmaker Campaign

The Tygland Reverie

The nation stands strong after it’s first conflict. It has at last spanned far enough for it’s holdings to make Tygland a legitimate kingdom and the member settlements and townships into fully-fledged baronies. Although Valshuir has opted to indeed take the title of King, and the unwitting moniker by some as the ‘Fey King’ it has meant little effective change in the way the nation is run.

Once the reparations of Tatzlford, the former city of Drelev, and the rebuilding of Tradesmeet was in good order Valshuir hid himself away for a week, meeting with key delegates from the Merchant’s Guild as well as a few local socialites and artisans. The next few weeks would see great canvasses thrown in the crook of the roads just north of Stagholme. As the canvasses rose into a forest of tents and kiosks it was announced that there would be a great, four-day carnival. The Tygland Reverie, as Valshuir so coined, would kick off the day after the coronation, which itself would be a great nation-wide day of feast, drinking, and dancing culminating in an outdoor ball where any and all could attend to enjoy themselves and observe as Maeya and Valshuir donned their titles to one another and honored each council member individually for their contribution and the people for their hard work and sacrifice.

The feasting wouldn’t cease the day of the coronation, of course. There would be open roasts and local gourmands and rustics alike could man their own kiosks and stands to share or sell their meals as they saw fit. The carnival’s grand pavilion would be host to several events each day; in the mornings a gauntlet of fabric walls would be erected… manned by costumed ‘monsters’ with padded obstacles to overcome and traps to evade… Beware the last stretch! Those swinging guillotines may be made from cloth but they have weight enough to send a grown man tumbling! Valshuir would be awaiting at the end for those who could complete the mock gauntlet, awarding the first 1225 whom could complete it with a self-made coin-sized electrum collectible Tygland Crest… handed out by the Eladrin himself, of course, from a secure bag of holding he kept close on his person. The king would keep a keen eye to not re-reward those who already received a collectible once before.

The afternoons it would be opened for performers and entertainers to vie for the attention and adoration of the people of the nation… any acts requiring beasts or dangerous implements or effects of any sort would have to apply for their own tent with a budget of guards for both the safety of the performers and their audience!

And in the night the pavilion would have a stage complete with painted backdrops and the most able actors in the land. It would recreate an abridged tale of the founding of the nation… the strayed druid that became the namesake of Ursa’s Fall, the felling of the tatzlworms, and the siege against the staglord… a cameo from the Free Companion’s own warlock in their clumsy first encounter in Candlemere. Easily the most exciting highlights were the skirmish with the great owlbear and the defeat of Vordakai and his eldritch minions. The play would close with the (discreet) outmaneuvering of the haughty Emissary sent by King Nolesky by the ‘common-blooded’ party… fittingly named the ‘Heads of the Hydra’. While there was still more to be told Valshuir gave fleeting promises of a play to continue the story when the reverie made it’s return!


Beardface Vigil

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