Vuegaland Kingmaker Campaign

The Varnhold Vanishing

Beginning of Chapter 3

The relative peace of the last year was never going to last, of course. A missive from Iamandi Aldori, a Swordlord of Restov, urged the rulers of Tygland to forgo their homes for a while longer, and travel to the Barony of Varnhold in the Nomen Heights. For weeks, there has been no words from Tygland’s fellow colony, and as the lords of Rostland find themselves unable to act because of civil strife at home, the duty of investigating the strange silence has fallen to the adventurers.

Travelling around the Tors of Levenies, the group finally reached their destination – the town of Varnhold itself. Within, they found looted homes, dead animals and a variety of scavengers… but no clue as to what happened to the citizens that once called this place home. Clearly, something foul has befallen Varnhold.


Beardface Beardface

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