<Tygland> Akiros Jamort

One of the Stag Lord's officers, he took the adventurers' attack on the fort as an opportunity to rebel and turn against his master.


After a life of adventure, bad luck and worse choices, Akiros ended up as one of the officers of the infamous Stag Lord. Despite his chosen path, the warrior has a strong sense of honour, and he was long uneasy about serving the immoral bandit chief. He gladly took the opportunity to betray his ruler when the adventurers invaded Stag Lord’s Fort, and has since offered his services to them.

After doing several small jobs around Stagholme, helping with the construction of the town, Akiros was offered a position as a Sergeant in the fledgling guard unit organized by Kesten Garess. It remains to be seen if the once-bandit will settle into his new role.


<Tygland> Akiros Jamort

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