<Council> Lady Caitlyn Varn

Baroness of Varnhold


Although barely twenty years of age, Lady Varn manages to emanate an air of confidence and grace that belies her age. Although just under average height, she still manages to handle authority well, and while the people of Varnhold clearly love their ruler, they have quickly learned that they should not expect her to be any softer a ruler than her father.

While sensible in her dress and the expenses for her court, Caitlyn is a true noble in the way she took to politics. Understanding that in case of another calamity Varnhold can be easily isolated from the rest of the realm, she has made extensive diplomatic overtures to the lords of Rostland. There, she is rather popular – an awe inspiring example of a resolute young noblewoman, and a patriot that keeps close links to her people despite the fact she now serves a different liege. Although Lady Varn is by all accounts a kind and pleasant young woman, however, some question just how honest her proclaimed fraternity with the nobles of Rostland is. With her concerns focused on the well-being of the people of Varnhold, Lady Varn’s motives and goals can be rather hard to read.

<Council> Lady Caitlyn Varn

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