<Council> Alusair Thar

Mayor of Silverstep


Another one of the engineers sent to Tygland from Alkenstar, Alusair certainly did not expect to be offered a mayorship of a city on her arrival in that distant land. Still, when the Guild deliberated who to afford this honour to, she was quick in putting her name forward. As she had the qualifications, and few other candidates were forthcoming, it didn’t take her peers long to decide to grant the half-elf her request.

In many ways, Alusair was the obvious pick. Even back in Alkenstar her ambition drew her to become interested in politics just as much as engineering. Although her peers sneered at her drive for prestige and position, that drive saw her promoted to Senior Gunsmith at the city’s famous Gunworks – a position that had her lead two dozen other engineers in research and development, most of which were older than her, and several of which matched or surpassed her in sheer talent.

Now that she is fully immersed in politics, the half-elf mayor seem squarely focused on her new job, more or less abandoning her engineering and gunsmithing pursuits other than perhaps as hobbies. This, again, leads to sneers from her former colleagues, but few can deny that she took to her new role very well indeed.

<Council> Alusair Thar

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