<Council> Eressa Amber




Conceived in the course of an illicit affair between a married Osirian noblewoman and a foreign adventurer, Eressa was left to fend for herself at the tender age of 16, cast out from her family’s estate once her mother was dead. Blessed with an uncommonly keen mind, exotic beauty and an unwavering sense of ambition, she travelled across the continent, trying a variety of professions before becoming a travelling merchant in Druma. A risky venture took her to the Stolen Lands, where somehow she managed to secure an extremely profitable deal with the elves of Kyonin.

By the time she arrived in Tygland two years ago, she has a respectable amount of money to her name. Since then, she came to own several trade interests in the nation, as well as propety in Stagholme and Trademeet. Sometimes stumbling due to her ambition, she still never fails to end a year richer than the year before, and her shrewd political maneuvering meant that when the previous Guildmaster resigned after the scale scandal in Trademeet, she was perfectly poised to take his place.

Well dressed, softly spoken with a charming Osirian accent, Eressa is perhaps not overly liked, but at least widely respected in Tygland, and especially in her Guild. Under her leadership the Merchants’ Guild is diversifying their holdings, in a move set to protect them from the fallout from any conflict in the region.

<Council> Eressa Amber

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