<Council> Vigo Sattel

Leader of the Gunsmiths' Guild


Aged in his late fifties, Vigo has his best years behind him. Once the foremost gunsmith in the Gunworks of Alkenstar, he grew tired of the internal politics of the guild in his latter years, focusing on more mundane work – producing existing designs to the best of his ability and working on private projects in his spare time.

When the call for volunteers to leave for Tygland came, Vigo was quick to answer. The change of scenery presented the opportunity for quiet retirement away from the bustle of the city, with a generous payment attached. Since his arrival the Guildmaster proved himself to be reliable, trustworthy… and completely unremarkable. Expressly forbidden from introducing experimental designs without permission from Alkenstar, he seems content to spend his remaining years overseeing production quotas, heading guild meetings and generally doing exactly what’s expected of him and not a bit more.

<Council> Vigo Sattel

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