<Foreigner> Lady Janna Smilos

Supreme Vessel of the Assassins’ Guild


The Daggermark Guild of Assassins is based around Three Precepts – Life, Death and the Vessel Between. More practically, however, their activities are rooted in secrecy, stealth and deceit. As such, Lady Janna Smilos is a perfect representation of her guild. The assassins leader bears the title of Supreme Vessel, but few know much about her beyond her name and title. Not that she’s not a public figure – on the contrary, Janna often, if randomly, appears in public, as if to mock her many enemies. She’s known to often confer with Lord Martro Livondar, the current ruler of Daggermark, and it’s generally assumed that without her support the good Lord would soon find himself the latest in a long line of tragically deceased overlords of the city.

A human woman in her thirties – by most estimates – Lady Smilos dresses practically, as befits an assassin, but her leathers are soft and fabulously expensive, her tall boots the work of the greatest craftsmen in the Stolen Lands, her tastestul jewelry precious enough to pay a king’s ransom. She might be sensible, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t enjoy the perks of her position.

<Foreigner> Lady Janna Smilos

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