<Foreigner> Lord Marto Livondar

Lord of Daggermark


Tall, thin and pale, Marto Livondar doesn’t exactly project the image of a cutthroat politician, much less a competent ruler. Yet this bastard son of a noble house was able to maneuver himself into the position of the Lord of the most powerful state in the Stolen Lands. More than that, he was able to keep that position, surviving three assassination attempts in the first week of his rule before, in a clever maneuver, he declared himself the head of Daggermark’s cavalry regiment. As the guild’s rules strictly forbid its members from targetting the army, the move bought Marto enough time to consolidate his position by using those same assassins to cleanse the city of his most outspoken and powerful opponents.

Four years after the start of his rule Lord Marto Livondar’s position is not exactly secure – there is no such thing as a secure leader in Daggermark – but strong enough that he was able to further fill the city’s coffers and build a solid core of support amongst the city’s elite. His continued rule, and good health, are dependent on remaining on good terms with the Assassins’ Guild, Poisoners’ Guild and General Jallor Clovesh, the largely independent leader of Daggermark’s armed forces. Although such a balance is hard to maintain, Lord Livondar managed it successfully so far, and with the domestic situation mostly stable some wonder if he might wish to expand Daggermark’s influence beyond its current borders.

<Foreigner> Lord Marto Livondar

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