<Deceased> Kesten Garess

While his men are loud, foul-mouthed, typical soldiers, Kesten himself is quite well spoken and courteous. A pleasant man who obviously spent quite a few years as a warrior.


As mercenaries go, Kesten is a strange one. Speaking and acting more like a knight than a blade-for-hire, he’s a gentleman as well as an experienced warrior. His speech and vocabulary betray a man of fine education and breeding, quite different from your usual, low-born sellsword. Whatever his story is, however, he’s not particularly forthcoming about it.

Since the founding of Tygland, Kesten found employment as the nation’s Warden, overseeing its defence and city guard. He approaches his task with quiet determination, and by all accounts does an excellent job.

Kesten stepped down from his position as Warden, leaving the position to the more experienced Maeya. He seems happier these days, as his position as Captain of the Guard in Stagholme allows him to work more closely for his men, for whom he cares deeply.

Sir Kesten Garess died in the Battle of Faelwen while covering Maeya’s retreat to the castle. He lies entombed at the cemetery in Stagholme.

<Deceased> Kesten Garess

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