<Foreigner> King Castruccio Irovetti


The past of the tempestuous ruler of Pitax, King Irovetti, is veiled in mystery, deliberate misinformation, and artistic fictions. As he is known for his moodiness and strange whims, most of Pitax’s citizens seek to avoid their lord’s attentions, with only the most ambitious and reckless actively seeking his favor. Those who meet with Irovetti’s displeasure typically disappear, dragged out into the night by plate-clad Pitax wardens, the king’s person guards and obedient thugs.

Rumours say that Irovetti’s lavish spending on art and architecture in the capital has near-bankrupted the nation, outraging its citizens. The man’s arrogant rule and open disdain for foreigners isolated Pitax from trade ties with Brevoy and Numeria, but since he appears firmly isolationist and uninterested in warring with other local rulers, the other monarchs of the River Kingdoms spare him little thought.

Latest intelligence suggests that the rumours spread about Irovetti might be just that. The man is well loved by the commoners, whom he has treated well, but his abolishment of many noble freedoms as won him the animosity of the upper classes.

<Foreigner> King Castruccio Irovetti

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