<Tygland> Kisandra Numesti

Young knight, daughter of Lord Terrion Numesti


Smart, resourceful and brave, Kisandra is not your typical noblewoman. Her lightly toned musculature and short hair attest to the fact that she would rather spend time on the training field, working on her swordplay, rather than dressed up at some grand ball. Although still a novice fighter and barely a grown woman at eighteen years of age, she shows sparks of true talent and stout spirit to go with it.

As Lord Terrion Numesti has no sons, Kisandra’s older sister, Tamary, will inherit the family’s title to the Barony of Numesti, in the north of Drelev, once their father passes away. Kisandra has a claim of her own, to a small border fort in the north of her father’s lands, named Wyverstone Fort.

<Tygland> Kisandra Numesti

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