<Council> Loy Rezbin

A ruddy, friendly and energetic man. Founder of the town of Tatzlford.


Loy Rezbin is one of those those rare, precious and slightly irritating men that you can never even imagine being at rest. Chatty, friendly, always busy with something, he is immensely useful, if one can be patient with him. A self-made man that rose to wealth after being born the son of a dirt-poor farmer, he appears to be a true believer in Tygland, an approaches his task as Mayor of Tatlford with infectious enthusiasm.

Ever since he set out to found the new town, he has been sending messengers to the Council in Stagholme every few days. Long, winding missives keep the rulers abreast of every minor development in the town’s rise, while Loy makes never ending – though kind – requests and suggestions.

<Council> Loy Rezbin

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