<Council> Oleg Leveton

The owner of Oleg's Trading Post. Somewhat gruff and enjoying his solitude in this untamed land, he still appears to be a decent man and his prices are usually fair.


Upon questioning, Oleg reveals just why he lives in the relative isolation of the Greenbelt. Originally from Restov, he left several years ago, tired of the squalor, constant machinations and political maneuvering of the city. Here, in his trade post, he still has some contact with people and the caravans come by fairly regularly – leaving him with, as he reasons, all the comforts of civilized life, but none of the drawbacks. He seems to constantly keep busy, always working on something around the trade post – feeding animals, making repairs to the building, forging new tools and so on.

Since being made Tygland’s Treasurer, Oleg has done quite well for himself. His job is tough and time consuming, but he has become well respected throughout the Barony, gaining a reputation as a tough but incorruptible man. He had to abandon his trade post in the north, leaving it to his cousin, Andrei Bondarenko. He may have liked his life of relative solitude, but Oleg now appears thoroughly investment in the fate of the fledgling nation.

<Council> Oleg Leveton

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