<Tygland> Svetlana Leveton

Nice, bordering on sweet, Oleg's wife seems to be much happier to see stranger than the owner of the trading post is. She makes one excellent moon radish soup.


The loyal and devoted wife of Oleg Leveton. Warm and forthcoming, she easily volunteers her story. Born in a poor, small village, she caught Oleg’s eye when the trader was travelling on business. Just a few months later the pair was married. A more social soul than her husband, she did not mind Restov the same way he did. The relative isolation of their trading post isn’t all to her liking, but she dismisses her own complaints with a smile.

Since Stagholme’s founding, Svetlana has had her first child, a healthy boy by the name of Sirian, after the Baron who first colonised Rostland and a daugher named Danuta, after Svetlana’s grandmother. It appears that resigning from the Council has served her well, for she appears closer to her old self, bubbly and full of energy. Although no longer a Councillor, she is still active in public life, organising donations for families of militiamen killed on patrol,

<Tygland> Svetlana Leveton

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