<Fey> Tiressia

The Dryad Druid


Ancient, cunning and staunchly protective of her chosen path of the forest, Tiressia is a subject of many stories amongst those who would travel through the forests of the Narlmarches. Hunters and explorers speak, on one hand, of warnings that saved them from wandering monsters or food suddenly found when they were on the verge of starvation. On the other hand, reports of curses bestowed for cutting down the wrong tree or campsites demolished because they were set up in some restricted section of the forest are equally numerous.

Whatever her real nature, Tiressia has proven trustworthy so far. Her benevolent side is more pronounced these days, and there are many reports of her having saved Tygland citizens or warning the militia of wandering monsters or bandits.


<Fey> Tiressia

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