<Fey> Tyg Tytter Tut

A cat-sized, mischevious fae, seldom seen anywhere without her companion, Perlivash.


Like many fey creatures, Tyg Tytter Tut is a moody, impulsive, unpredictable creature. Delighting in pranks and tricks, she loves messing with “big ’uns” who trod through her forest so carelessly. Seldom outright malicious, she sometimes crosses the line between a prank and, say, arson.

The proud Fey apparently appreciates the name of the new nation in the Greenbelt. Rather than being tormented by ruthless pranks, wanderers, hunters and lumberjacks from Stagholme how found Tyg Tytter Tut and her companion to be amazingly helpful. A good few times hapless citizens were warned of a nearby pack of wolves, or guided back towards civilization when they got lost in the woods. The pranks continue, of course, but appear a lot gentler, especially once the people realized just how much the fey like gifts.

<Fey> Tyg Tytter Tut

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