<Tygland> The Free Companions

Tygland-based adventuring group


The Free Companions are Tygland’s first and best (and only) adventuring group. Chak-Chak loudly argues that the obvious other group doesn’t count, as they now lead the nation. Obvious proof of that statement? They don’t even have a name, least of all a name as good as The Free Companions. Although some of them are a little inexperienced and most are more than a little reckless, the group has seen a good degree of success in battling various threats to Tygland. Battling a cunning goblin king, stopping the resurgence of the Cult of Gyronna and slaying a pair of mighty wyverns which devasted caravans between Stagholme and Mivon are just some of their exploits over the past three years. Slowly the locals’ attitude has changed from annoyance at the accidental damage the Companions invariably cause to some degree of gratitude and even respect.

Dardla Selass – Although the group has no leader, Dardla is without a doubt the voice of reason within The Free Companions. Charismatic and wise beyond her young years, she endlessly attempts to curb the worst excesses of her companions – just how much patience she shows for them is a testament to the close ties the groups has forged. Though at times hopelessly idealistic, this elven druid is likely the reason adventurers weren’t chased out of Tygland early on.


Barven the Thrice-Bloodied – The man himself might not use the title, but his fame followed him to Tygland. The most experienced of the group, Barven was a gladiator in the River Kingdoms nation of Tymon before striking out as an adventurer. His nickname refers to a law in the nation he comes from. Only those who won at least ten fights in the arena are allowed to own property, businesses or carry open weapons in Tymon. Barven not only reached that honour but surpassed it, reaching thirty fights won – without a single defeat, to boot. Although those not into bloodsports might not know his name, the fighter has fans even in Tygland. Few get into gladiatorial fights without a taste of danger, however, and despite his experience, Barven’s reckless streak and unability to back down from a challenge still cause problems for him and his comrades.


Dai-Chan – Human Bard – If not for the presence of her feathered friend, it’s likely Dai-Chan that would draw the most attention in her group. She claims to have come with the Tengu from Tian Xia, the fabled continent of the Dragon Empires, and her exotic appearance leaves little doubt as to the truth of that claim. Her unusual beauty, fine dress and melodic voice have stolen the hearts of many of men and some women in Tygland, something she doesn’t appear to mind one bit. Flighty, capricious and just a little deceptive, she might have ended up as a thief or con artist if she didn’t find The Free Companions – and even today she has such a reputation amongst the merchants of Tygland that few agree to trade with her, and she has to ask her friends to buy her gear for her.


Chak-Chak – Tengu Rogue – In short, Dai-Chan’s fall guy. After the girl saved his life years ago, he has pledged himself to her service and protection. Obsessed with ‘shinies’ and having a rather poor grasp of math, he often argues with the rest of the Companions over loot and encourages them to take greater risks to obtain more treasure. Despite his great skills in clandestine redistribution of wealth, however, Chak-Chak does not live up to his race’s reputation and does not outright steal from ordinary citizens. Not that many believe it – wherever something disappears around The Free Companions, often by Dai-Chan’s design, he gets the blame. Still, he seems happy with his position in the group and his life in Tygland. A good friend with the Sootscale Kobolds (who appear to, for some reason, be absolutely delighted with the idea of a walking, talking bird), he reportedly converts all his treasure into shiny gems, which he never spends.


Decimus – Tiefling Wizard – The newest addition to The Free Companions, Decimus is so great he has his very own entry.


<Tygland> The Free Companions

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