Vuegaland Kingmaker Campaign

A new year approaches

It has been a busy year indeed for the nation of Tygland. Many hardships were endured, from bandits through family feuds, scandals, agitators and various beasts. Despite it all, however, the fledgling Barony is doing very well indeed.

Returned from their latest foray into the unknown, the adventurers bring word of another great victory. The Unwelcome One, a demon bound to Lake Tuskwater for many centuries, has been vanquished in an epic battle. Battered and bruised, the nation’s rulers return having freed Akiros from his captivity at the hands of the Lizardfolk. Not only that, somehow the ordeal ended in the two peoples forming an alliance, with the lizardmen becoming de facto vassals of Tygland. Already local people speak of the opportunities this will bring. The route south just got a fair bit safer, and to trade with the reptilians is a lucrative opportunity that few ‘softskins’ ever receive.

Rather than the typical warm welcome, however, the adventurers were met by an agitator, trying to stir up ill feelings towards Tygland’s councillors amongst the gathered townfolks – and succeeding. Quickly, Eline, with Baron Zethame’s aid, managed to turn to people against the loudmouth, and the man skulked off as Stagholmers laughed him off. Still, he did not leave without leaving a mark, doubts and questions raised in the minds of a few citizens. Many still wonder – who was the foreigner, and what was his interest in Tygland?

Tygland is not just Stagholme. Farmholds, homesteads and small hamlets dot the countryside, including a handful of houses where some of the miners working Blake Mine, named so after the beloved first foreman of the place, who died trying to save his men after a shaft collapse. In the north-west, on the edge of the Narlmarches, Tatzlford is slowly making use of the advantageous position at the river’s ford, the rich local game providing food and furs to trade for the first handful of townsfolk living there. Meanwhile, Oleg’s Trade Post has now turned into Trademeet, a quickly growing market town that sees a lot of trade and through-traffic, making its small population rather wealthy – at least by frontier standards. Oleg’s cousin, Andrei Bondarenko, has been chosen as the town’s Mayor, and is generally seen as a tough, but shrewd and fair man.

The Lake-God

After the expedition sent to investigate the troll threat in the south ended in disaster, the Tygland adventurers once more set forth from Stagholme, their intent – rescue. Half of the dozen men sent to the Narlmarches were killed, along with the hill giant Munguk, but none could confirm Akiros’ death. The man was missing.

The search party soon came across a lizardfolk village, hidden deep within the swamp. After negotiating with the scaled tribals for Akiros, which they came to capture as he passed through their territory, the adventurers proceeded to face their ‘Lake-God’ – an ancient Abyssal Prince, bound to this plane by some mortal dead for centuries or more. A tough, bloody, but victorious battle with the fiend brought loot and glory, but also a question – what to do with the lizardmen, now freed of the malevolent influence of their false deity?

Giant problems

The people of Tygland are left scratching their heads by their leaders’ actions – not for the first, and certainly not the last time. Rather than respond to reports of such a creature by slaying it, as citizens expected the heroes of the fledgling nation to do, they instead bribed it with alcohol and convinced it to follow them back to Stagholme. Heated disputes can be heard at the Red Oak. Should the giant be slain? Put to work in the mines, or perhaps carrying lumber and such? Or maybe having an actual hill giant in the town militia wouldn’t be a bad idea?

Opportunities arise, as they always do. With time, officially or not, the word spreads that the elf known as Variel is the eyes and ears of the Tygland regime. Not only does the occasional citizen leave the Spymaster a tip or a denounciation of a potential traitor (mostly nonsense), but recently a travelling merchant from Issia by the name of Nomar Dobrenko offered to bring information on the current state of affairs in Rostland, as he passes through the nation. For a fee, of course. This raises a question. Is forming a network of informants and spies in the young nation’s northern neighbour simply a smart move for Tygland’s prosperity and security? Or is it a breach of trust with the people who helped found the fledgling country?

New arrivals

A battle with an ancient, hungry turtle might have seemed like a minor and mildly amusing chapter in the adventure to the leaders of Tygland, but someone noticed. The local fishermen, making their living around Tuskwater despite the hazards of the untamed area, have lost many friends to the beastly creature over the years. Having those deaths avenged seemed to ease the distrust the independent men had for the new power in the region, and soon Stagholme was home to three dozen more people, the fishermen and their families. The boost to the local economy those men and women bring isn’t anything significant in the long term, but it’s another sign of strong growth in the fledgling town.

The traders and miners of Tygland have had several sightings of the Sootscale kobold clan living in the hills north-east of the town. Surprisingly, the little creatures have not attacked as of yet, generally preferring to give any citizens a wide berth. Over the months the sightings increase however, and there are those who say that the Baron should deal with them while he still can. Others yet speak of the precious gems that are hidden deep within Sootscale caverns…

Of witches and nobles
Tygland’s Council has filled the last remaining positions recently. Eline Orlovsky, a noblewoman from Rostland, was named Grand Diplomat – a letter from her father, Lord Orlovsky, perhaps helping to make Baron Valshuir more cooperative. Things went less smoothly with the new Magister, the Old Beldame, but thankfully the townsfolk don’t know about any of that. They already question their leaders’ judgement in having a witch join them. If they knew the meeting between her and the other Councillors almost ended in bloodshed, they would likely think them mad.
That is not dead...

Undead! To no one’s surprise, the burrow discovered by the adventurers was filled with the vengeful dead, intent on punishing those would desecrate the resting place of their leader. After a hard battle with the specter of Atra, High King of the Skolir and Bane of the Fey, the party was able to leave the haunted cairn – battered, but with the High King’s ancient blade now in their possession.

Meanwhile, back in Stagholme, the gossip-hungry townsfolk share a new rumour. Apparently there is a witch living off the west shore of Tuskwater, known as the Old Beldame. Reports vary, but most agree the woman is powerful and ancient, but leaves good folk alone as long as they don’t bother her. Those that do are turned into magically animated scarecrows that guard the Old Beldame’s home.

Guards! Guards!
The rotating militia defending Stagholme works fairly well, but the Warden, Kesten Garess, is adamant that without a proper town guard there can be no home for lasting peace and order in the settlement. For now his unit is small – consisting of himself, the four mercenaries he arrived with, and Akiros – but the townsfolk appear reassured to see professionals patrolling the streets. A local seamstress offered to create uniforms for the brave men of the guard, but the request is delayed until the Baron announced the nation’s, and the city’s, symbol.
Rivers Run Red

The adventurers couldn’t resist the call of the unknown forever. After a year spent diligently overseeing the rise of Tygland, the group set out – now one stronger – for the uncharted lands beyond the Greenbelt.

As ever, they easily found trouble. Old Crackjaw, the ancient, angry and ever-hungry turtle stalking the Tuskwater found that trying to make a snack out of Valshuir ended in his premature demise. Over the years, the beast ate a good dozen local fishermen, and the grateful men sent a token of their appreciation to Castle Stagholme once they found out that the evil creature is dead.

On their way back to Stagholme, the party stumbled across what appears to be a barbarian burial cairn. The tribes that lived in this area have long moved on to other land or been vanquished, and only the dead remain behind. Whatever the burrow holds, it must have laid undisturbed for centuries.

The State of the Nation

So far, so good. Building a nation from scratch is not without its challenges, but the colonists are tough, hard-working people and the adventurers’ leadership appears to serve them well. After half a year, several homes have been built, along with a blacksmith to provide much needed tools, horseshoes, nails and other implements, and an inn where the people can relax after a long day of nation-building. The brewery easily supplies enough to sate the population’s thirst, with plenty left over.

The beer and ale is, so far, the main export of Tygland. Dried fish, wild game, furs and surplus grain are also sought by travelling merchants, and by all reports Oleg’s Trading post – now under new management but still bearing the old name – is seeing more business than ever, and even employs a dozen workers or so. Even after the adventurers vanquished so many threats in the Greenbelt the area still remains dangerous, and in the absence of a formal city guard or army, a rotating militia has been formed. The militia mostly defends the town itself, but small patrols, led by Katell, scour the countryside and protect the farmland and the hunters from a variety of threats.

It appears the people are mostly pleased with the leadership so far. The town is expanding quickly, and while many groan about taxes, the complaints are limited to just that – complaining. Many do, however, wonder where the powers-that-be were when two local families – the Lushers and the Inghams – came to a violent feud. It appears that a Byrne Lusher, a young lad, had an affair with an unmarried Ingham lass and left her pregnant. The resulting argument quickly escalated, leaving several wounded and even a couple dead on each side. While it appears the situation has been since resolved, it was done so thanks to the arbitration by a respected townsman, and many say that if the town had a proper guard, the argument would never have turned so bloody.


Baron Valshuir
General Grond
Royal Assassin Variel
Marshal Katell
Spymaster Keela
Treasurer Oleg Leveton
Councillor Svetlana Leveton
Warden Kesten Garess
High Priest Jhod Kavken

The Founding

The vanquishers of the Stag Lord have been rewarded in a most unusual way. Gold and heartfelt thanks from the Lord Mayor of Restov were theirs, but days later came more – a full fledged colonial expedition. 250 people, tools, animals, materials and food. Everything the party needed to start a fledgling nation in the untamed Stolen Lands. Others tried before, and failed, but the investment the lords of Brevoy made in this venture showed that they think this time may be different.

Named Tygland, after the fey creature of the woods, the new barony has started its first town in the site of the fortification once known as the Stag Lord’s Fort. Renamed to Stagholme, the ancient keep makes for a strong position from which the adventurers can coordinate their efforts, the mighty walls of stone serving as a statement of defiance against those who would extinguish the fledgling nation.


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