Vuegaland Kingmaker Campaign

The Stag Lord's Demise
End of Chapter 1

The Stolen Lands will never be the same. The adventurers sent into the Greenbelt mere three months ago have vanquished the famous Stag Lord, a long-time leader of the bandits and brigands in this lawless region. After a long and bloody battle, the heroes left wounded, battered but victorious, their cart straining under the weight of the loot they collected. The Lord Mayor of Restov will be pleased to hear of this development. The organized bandits of the Greenbelt have long been a plague on the region, and with their leader’s demise they are sure to scatter to the four winds.

The Story So Far
Places visited, people killed
The adventurers, having received a charter of survey and exploration from the Lord Mayor of Restov, quickly got to work. After defending Oleg’s Trading Post, at the northern edge of the untamed area known as the Greenbelt they began mapping the wild land, clearing it of many threats as they did so. The restoration of the Temple of Erastil, slaying of Tazylwyrms, clearing out a bandit camp by Thorn River and ‘resolving’ the conflict between mites and kobolds in the grasslands were some of the highlights of their adventure. Right before the party was due to head for Stag Lord’s Fort, the lair of the notorious leader of bandits in the area, they were approached by the drowner spirit of a man calling himself Davik Nettles. The angry spirit hungered for justice, and demanded that the adventurers bring him the body of the Stag Lord once the man is slain.

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