Vuegaland Kingmaker Campaign

A King no more

The trade with the lizardmen in the south flourishes. For the first time in years, the scaly humanoids live through winter without the fear of starvation, their reserves of food and essential tools replenished in exchange for precious stones and rare healing plants they find in their territory.

In thanks and recognition of the Duchy’s leadership, Arash Drazzat gave up his title – no longer King of the lizardfolk, he now styles himself Chieftain and openly pays traditional tribute of jade and incense to Duke Zethame.
The Beast is slain
End of Chapter 2

Rarely have the citizens of Tygland been so grateful to have adventurers as their leaders. After a fierce battle in the bowels of the beast’s lair, the giant owlbear which brough destruction about Stagholme lies dead, and its slayers are welcomed in the town as heroes.

As the townsfolk celebrate, however, questions remain. Who was it that has slain the owlbear’s mate and cubs and fashioned it a suit of armour? How are the Fey involved? Just who has their eye on Tygland and wishes it to fail? The danger may have passed for now, but the mystery remains.
News from abroad

Multiple reports from countries beyond the borders of Tygland. How accurate those news are? Well, that is up to them hearing it to the decide. Certainly truth has been known to change as it travels over long distances.

  • At last, there is a word for the Barony of Varnhold. Apparently, the cut off in communications was to blame by a local flood, coupled with disagreements with a tribe of centaurs. Now once more travellers can move freely, and trade flows.
  • Variel’s informants in the North mostly seem to believe that things in Brevoy are heading for the worse. Tensions are increasing between the lords of Rostland and King Noleski Surtova. The southern nobles appear to believe their ruler is favouring the lords of Issia, while Surtova himself is increasingly suspicious of the Lord Mayor of Restov.
  • Grand Diplomat Eline received a response to her correspondence with Baron Drelev of the Drelev Demesne. In what the noblewoman recognises as a mark of rare consideration, the letters seems to be hand-written by the Baron himself, rather than a secretary or an advisor.

To Lady Eline Orlovsky and Lord Baron Zethane of the Tygland Barony,
Please accept my most sincere thanks at your handling of the recent incident, caused by overzealous servants of my Barony. I extend my regrets at this violation of the borders of Tygland, however noble the cause might have been. With the return of the stolen tax revenues, I am in your debt.

However, I must insist that you consider handing over the criminal responsible for the incident in the first place. This matter cannot truly be forgotten between us until the man resposible has known justice, and the widows and orphans of the men that died trying to bring him to judgement know peace.

Lord Baron Drelev, Sovereign of Fort Drelev and Its Demesne

A hero's welcome

It was a hard-won victory, with a heavy blood-price paid for the ultimate triumph against the troll warband led by Hargulka. The ancient dwarven outpost has been cleared of all threats, and the party, battered but victorious, was free to return home, heavy with loot.

Spurred by a message carried by the wind, however, they did not find the warm welcome they perhaps expected. Stagholme has been hit, dozens of citizens have been killed and several buildings have been destroyed. Akiros’ report cleared up the situation – an enraged Owlbear attacked the town in the middle of the night, intent on destroying as much as it could. It was gone before dawn, leaving an easy-to-follow trail of destruction behind it.
Silence in the East

For once, lack of news is news. For several weeks there has been no word from the Barony of Varnhold, east of Tygland. No merchants, travellers, couriers or wandering pilgrims – nothing. Perhaps it’s a simple case of a local flooding making the main roads impassable, or maybe a group of wandering monsters temporarily cutting off any travel. Or perhaps not.

Troll trouble

At long last, the troll warband plaguing the Stolen Lands seems to have provoked the adventurers into action. Spurred by the plight of their people – or perhaps the rich reward offered by the Lord Mayor of Rostland – the group set out to once and for all rid the land of this menace. After clearing out the remains of the abandoned elven keep, they travelled south, and after a few days, stumbled upon something interesting…

It's nice outside

Oddly so. For the last month the weather was exactly spot-on. Exactly the right amount of sunshine and rain, no extremes. Some say it’s the gods smiling upon Tygland. Those studied in the Arcana, however, point to the unusual discharges of arcane energy from Castle Stagholme. Elga Verniex, The Swamp Witch, has, after all, been locked away in her room for a month, and the castle servants report strange flashes and incantations heard from behind the closed door. Perhaps the witch has taken a break from eating children to help out the good, hard-working people of Tygland?

The elven keep

Not all Fey are fairly benevolent beings like Tiressia or Melianse. Some are dark, ancient beings, their morals utterly alien to the younger races, their hearts full of disdain for non-Fey. The ancient elven keep in the Narlmarches, west of Stagholme, is home to at least two such creatures. Or it was, at least.

The adventurers have slain two Fey, including the Dancing Lady – an ancient baobah sith – and recovered the treasure guarded by them. However, much of the abandoned keep still lies undiscovered. What do the ruins hold? More wealth, or another murderous Fey?

The secrets of Candlemere

The search for knowledge can be perilous, and valiant explorers often risk their lives seeking for secrets of the past. One such secret almost claimed Saveria, when her investigation in the ruins of Candlemere turned up more than she bargained for. Disturbed by the young wizard, the mysterious altar at the centre of the isle spewed forth magical energy, bringing forth an unnatural creature, its form compromised purely of living, writhing maggots.

The resulting magical battle was deadly, but Saveria walked away victorious – and holding a potentially key piece to the ruins’ past. Whatever happened here it has tainted the land for many centuries. Lifting that blight will not be easy, or safe.

A diplomatic incident

The nations of Baron of Tygland and the Drelev Demesne came into contact for the first time – and not as peacefully as some might have hoped for. Led by a knight named Ser Davek, a group of soldiers have intruded into Tygland’s territory, chasing a fugitive. The group was intercepted by Eline Orlovsky and a group of militiamen led by Akiros, and despite the foreign noble’s insistence that the Drelev soldiers had the right to pursue their quarry, they were stopped from leaving with the prisoner.

In the resulting skirmish two Tygland militamen, four Drelev soldiers and Ser Davek were killed, with several more wounded. The remaining invaders have been captured and, together with the freed prisoner, Ser Sirian Labeda of House Labeda, have been transported to Stagholme. The militiamen are drunk on their victory, but questions remain. What will this mean for Tygland’s relations with the Drelev Demesne? Who exactly is this rescued prisoner and why was he found with a chest filled with gold?


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