Saveria's Journal

Entry 1, OOC Date May 9th, 2012

March 15th, 4709,

Page 1

[A rough sketch of the portions of the island the tiefling has explored
takes up most of the first page. It has obviously been added to after
the initial sketch, several ruins and places marked out, each given a
number, making it easy to find any of the entries with just a quick
glance as one flips through the journal.]

Page 2,3

[Marked 1]

[Half of the page consists of carefully inscribed fragments of archaic
text, and the second half of notes speculating on the meaning of words
and on the language itself, with a few tentative partial translations
near the bottom. At the very bottom of the third page, a series of
characters is repeated next to a bit of imposing underlined text:]

Azathoth, The Blind Formless Chaos That Lies Behind the Stars

Page 4

[Marked 2]

[This page is taken up by a transcription of similar, but much less
fragmented text.]

Page 5

[There are more translations on this page, confirmations of earlier
speculation, and confident translations of small portions of the text.]

Page 6

[Marked 0]

Murals seem to indicate Candlemere constructed in order to bind a daemon.
Ritual likely source of residual magical energy on island. Both failure
and success could involve powerful enough magics to leave a lasting
Writings appear over a half-century old.
Fraz-Urb’luu possibly involved? Part of binding? Ensnared accidently?
Daemon possibly still bound here? Possible reason for wards and traps.
Many altars damaged, positions noted on map. Must tell cleric to be
cautious. This could release anything bound here if not careful.

Page 7

[Marked 3]

Undamaged Altar. Stone construction. Likely magically preserved.

[There is a rough sketch of an altar.]

Strong magical aura, must be careful.
Approached. No traps yet. Inscriptions draw eye, enchantment?
Copying Inscriptions one character at a time, will try to read as little
as possible here, avoid any possible traps in text.

Page 8,9

[The pages consists of a long transcription, a few lines neatly copied down
before the writing becomes much more hurried, the page bearing a few dull,
reddish fingerprints.]

Page 10

[The text is less hurried, but written in a slightly less steady hand than
the neat, careful handwriting of the first few entries. The notes are also
a bit scattered, quickly switching subject as the tiefling jots down whatever
she was thinking at the time.]

Inscriptions trapped, triggered while copying. On boat back now.
Mechanics of trap unknown. Text trigger is simple, but many possibilities
for guardian.

[There is a quick sketch of a disgusting creature, composed of a swarm of
maggots, assembling themselves into the form of a crudely shaped, crumbling

Conjuration? Necromancy or Enchantment. Maggots already present and assembled,
or created by magic?
Vulnerable to magic that hits entire swarm.
Creature powerful spellcaster, easily equal or better. Magical powers
diverse, unlikely to be innate. Suggests is consistent being. Demon? Daemon?
Undead? Incorporeal conciousness guiding maggots, or physical being.
Remaining maggots retreated into ground. Creature possibly not dead.

Copied down inscriptions, will translate later. Altar retained most of magical
auras even after creature defeated. Probable purpose other than trap.

Saveria's Journal

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