human stormborn sorceress


She came to Tygland running from something.
Alexander was just starting up the House of Healing by that point, and took her in. With the help of his new charges he nursed her back to health. Severe burn scars cover a good deal of her body, possibly self-inflicted by accident. The power is boiling over inside of her, and she can barely keep it under control.

He’s teaching her to have self-control, and in return she aids him in anything he undertakes. Her abilities with magic are forever growing, very useful when things turn violent. Or even otherwise.

The acolytes of all denominations at the House are her “sisters” and “brothers” as she puts it. Effectively, she is a patient whose condition will not heal, but still requires treatment.

And then he left.

The past year hasn’t been kind to Charlotte. With Alexander’s sudden departure she was forced to grow up in very short order and gain control over her magic. For more than six months she lived in the fields and forests surrounding Stagholme, practicing to improve her skills.
During her travels she encountered a lightning-wounded tree, and carved a staff from one of its branches. Elsewhere, she found a deposit of stone shot through with ribbons of gold, and with Valshuir’s help created a magical rod out of it.
For the remainder of the year she enrolled as a student in the Candlemere Academy of Arcane Arts, studying and working hard to expand her repertoire of spells. She discovered a latent talent for illusions, particularly invisibility, during her schooling.
Her other area of study was the fey, as Tygland is so infested with such as to be named after one of their number. In her studies she learned of the First World and those who rule over it, quickly realizing she owed her allegiance to the Green Mother. Ever since, she has maintained a streak of green in her hair as tribute.
In a pinch her favorite spell is still “lightning bolt,” and she has learned to heighten and maximize it if the situation calls for more power.

Currently, Charlotte lives in a small treehouse beyond the borders of Stagholme. It’s thirty feet off the ground, magically warded in several different ways, and can only be accessed by flying. It’s not much, but it’s home.


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